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Vehicle graphics come in many different shapes, sizes and forms which means that every business is likely to find something that suits their needs. This can range from a simple window design to a large and complicated side panel design. The larger design is more likely to get noticed and more people are likely to remember it but even a small, simple design can be very effective if used correctly.

According to the American Trucking Association the average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions per year. This creates a massive potential when it comes to advertising and reaching millions of potential customers every year. It is hard to reach this many people through any other form of advertising because it tends to be aimed at specific audiences. With this kind of advertising you also don't have to worry about whether you are going to reach your target audience or not because with so many people seeing the advert everyday you are bound to reach your audience.

Another advantage of using vehicle graphics is that you make an initial payment for the design and that's it. With most other forms of advertising you have to pay each time you advertise your product. For example, with magazine advertising a company will pay depending on how many adverts have been placed and in how many issues. This means that the more you advertise, the more you pay. However, with vehicle graphics you pay to have the design done and then you can advertise to millions of potential customers at no additional cost.

One of the reasons why vehicle graphics can provide very successful advertising is because it's non intrusive. People won't get annoyed that you're knocking on their door, phoning them up, taking over every page of their favorite magazine or cutting into valuable television viewing time because you won't be doing any of this. By having a design on a van or bus people will barely realize that a company is even advertising their product to them. For example, whenever you see a Publix truck do you even think about the message it’s conveying? Most people simply look at it, notice it's a Publix truck and carry on driving. However, without you realizing, ideas have been put in your head and if you need to stop off and get milk on your way home you may be more likely to go to Publix than you would have been if you hadn't seen the van earlier.

It's easy to see why vehicle graphics have become increasingly popular over recent years and why more and more people are favoring it over other methods of promotion.