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If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that no amount of technology can replace the human touch. That's why you'll find that many of our team members are family. As a family company, we're united by a common goal: to produce the highest level of customer service & the best products that we can. Our name is on the line; so we ensure that we use our past 40+ years experience, combined with our continuing education, to make Precision Signs the best! Our team of diversely skilled professionals continually strives to learn and evolve so that we may help you achieve your goals. As you work with us, we’re confident you'll find this to be true.


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Dan Peach

Dan began his sign career at 15 in Kewanee, Illinois, during an era when signs and graphics were meticulously hand-painted. His journey, rooted in the traditional craftsmanship of manual signage creation, evolved over the years into a mastery of computer-aided design, electrical sign manufacturing, and installation.  
With over four decades of experience, Dan has watched firsthand as the dynamic landscape of the signage industry has changed. Over the past 20 years, he has demonstrated his proficiency by implementing and managing national and international sign change-out programs for major corporations. This involved strategic oversight and execution in every state across the United States and in more than 80 countries worldwide. 
His extensive experience, coupled with a proven record in managing complex programs at scale, makes him a key contributor to the continued advancement to the world of signs.  



Laurie Peach

Laurie Peach, originally from Chicago, Illinois, boasts over 21 years of entrepreneurial experience as a small business owner. Throughout her career, Laurie has played a pivotal role in the financial stability of numerous businesses, leveraging her extensive knowledge of business and finance. Her expertise is now dedicated to Precision Signs, where she contributes to securing the best prices for our clients while solidifying the company's reputation as a reliable source for years to come. Laurie has immersed herself in the sign industry for over two decades, where she now works closely with General Contractors on large projects relating to Division 10 signage. Laurie's unique blend of small business ownership, financial proficiency, and extensive tenure in the sign industry make her the ideal owner of Precision Signs.  




Senior Project Manager

Known as the "Glue that holds Precision Signs together," Chelsea brings passion, dedication, and a meticulous eye for detail to every project. Her ability to manage diverse aspects of the project life cycle, coupled with effective communication skills, ensures that client expectations are not only met but exceeded. With a comprehensive skill set encompassing pricing, design, production, printing, and customer communications, she is the linchpin that ensures seamless project execution. 





Director of Strategic Partnerships and National Alliances

Andrew is a results-driven Partnerships professional with a proven track record in cultivating strategic partnerships within the SAAS industry. He is adept at leveraging his extensive experience in partnership development and operational management to drive business growth and enhance organizational effectiveness. Andrew is a highly skilled relationship builder with a knack for getting things done. He also specializes in partnership marketing, co-selling and building long term partner strategies. 





Production Manager

Marco is a skilled sign professional with a strong background in window tinting and vinyl application. As a results-oriented professional, he oversees the end-to-end production process, optimizing workflows, and ensuring the highest quality standards. Marco is known for his attention to detail to achieve excellence and precise, high-quality signs.





Receptionist/Billing Specialist 

Callie is a motivated and high-performing college student with proven results as a receptionist and billing specialist at Precision Signs. Callie has exceptional organizational and time management skills with an attention to detail that helps her to provide excellent customer service. Her proactive approach, coupled with her dedication to accuracy, positions her as an asset to the team.