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5455 Raynor Road
Garner, NC 27529

FREE Downloadable Wraps!

Simply click on the design you wish to download. Files download in fully editable PDF format. Any wrap company can edit, print, and install these designs for you. We will update with new designs as they are created, usually weekly!

All of these files can be customized, either by a local sign company who will be printing the wrap for you, or by us. We do charge to edit & customize files, starting at $10. We will also do completely custom designs ranging from $15-$55 depending on complexity. 

We also started selling these designs for anyone brave enough to wrap on their own or to have a local company install them for you. I am hoping to get some "how-to" videos up soon to help you install independently, but at this point I don't have them ready yet. I would advise you to watch many YouTube videos on the process. Of course, I always advise to have a professional install for the best results, but I know from all of the print requests I receive that many of you don't have that option in your area. Click here to purchase any design below.


NOTE FOR DESIGNERS DOWNLOADING: These files are created in Adobe Illustrator. There is a clipping mask placed over the design in the general shape of the doc band. Simply remove the clipping mask & you will be able to edit & alter the design however you need. Almost every element is in vector format & should allow for easy customization. Any design/wrap/sign shop, please feel free to reach out to me via email if you have any questions on wrapping the band. I utilized the resources & knowledge of other sign shops when I first started wrapping helmets, and I certainly don't mind helping others do the same!

To see our wrap gallery, click here!

To purchase one of these wraps, click here!